Home SEO: How To Add Image Alt Tags in WordPress Tutorial

How to Add Image Alt Tags in WordPress is a Tutorial From made with the number 1 wordpress seo plugin:

If you want to see how to add image alt tags you’re in the right place as I will show you first thing in this video how you can add your alt tags to images in wordpress: In under 30 seconds.

It’s going to be spectacular.

Of course, in order to decide on a keyword, get an image on it, check if it is copyright free, download, upload to my site then right click and edit to change the alt tag, I’d go nuts if I did it manually.

It’s the reason why we’re using the Squirrly SEO Plugin, which does all these checks for us.

I just specify a keyword for which I want to find a photo. Then it does all the magic. I just hit one click and BOOM. I have an image in my wordpress site with image alt tags in it.

How to Add Image Alt Tags in WordPress Manually ? – well that’s a lot more boring than the first two minutes of this video, but sure we can do that. I will also show you this in the tutorial for how to add image alt tags in wordpress.

How to Add Alt Text tag to images: yup, you’re going to see that as well in this video tutorial.

A lot of people say that for good WordPress SEO you also need image seo alt tag and title tag optimization: they are absolutely right!

It’s the reason why I’ve decided to make this live stream on the Home SEO series. This is SEO that you can do from home. It’s very simple. All is shown to you in the video.

If you want to know a lot more about how to add image alt tags in wordpress and also about the other SEO aspects of optimizing images you can go to and sign up for the Education Cloud, where we have many wordpress seo tutorials available for you.

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