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Say Goodbye To Slow Loading Websites

This Thrive themes review post is mainly written to help you pick the themes that are really faster. Whether you know it or not, your website loading speed actually highly impacts your overall search engine rankings and traffic. Not a long ago, Google announced they are going to improve the rankings of high speed sites and lower the rankings of slower loading sites.

So the bottom line is clear and simple. If you want to bring more search traffic to your sites, you need faster loading websites. This Thrive themes review post is not made for making sales but to help you choose the right WordPress themes so you can benefit.

Did you know that Thrive themes are made for speed and automatically compresses all your images?

The #1 reason most blog pages takes a lot of time to load is slow loading images. 90% of the bloggers and marketers often forget to compress images which results in slower loading times.

With Thrive themes automatic image compression, you don’t have to worry about optimizing your images anymore.

It also uses the lightweight code to make your web pages load incredibly faster.

Thrive themes also offer in-built social sharing buttons, related posts and optimized image galleries so you don’t have to use any additional plugins to use them on your sites. The less plugins you use the faster your site loads.

Wait.. But What About The Customer Support?

Now, the main important question – what if you get into a trouble?

Don’t worry. There’s a customer friendly support staff who you can have access to get rid of all your theme issues. So whenever you get into any trouble while playing with the themes, you can get in touch with their customer staff to get it fixed.

Once you have access to their membership account, you will get full access to their customer support, tutorials and training. They have lots of video tutorials and webinars explaining about using their products. So you don’t have to worry about playing with your WordPress sites with the Thrive themes and plugins.

Still Confused About Using Thrive Themes?

If you are a beginner and looking for a theme that is both mobile and search friendly, you should consider Thrive themes.

If you are a marketer who is looking to boost your conversion rates without investing a lot of money into design, Thrive themes is for you. If you are a WordPress user who wants to have a website design that loads blazing fast and makes it easy to customize your site however you want, give a try to Thrive themes.

At an affordable price of $228 (which will be $19/Month Only) for one year, you will get full access to all of their themes, membership, plugins and incredible support. You wouldn’t get any better deal than this. So what are you waiting for?