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What Is It?
Thrive Content Builder is a WordPress plugin, allows you to edit the page content in exact WYSIWYG format. Most website builders claim WYSIWYG while they’re not – there’s a toolbar with labels and buttons. You edit your page, press “Preview” to see the actual page, and switch it back to the edit view…that’s not exactly WYSIWG.

But Thrive Content Builder is, and that’s what I like about. If you want to edit something, you just click on it.

Watch Out – It Won’t Work On Your Existing Posts!
Thrive says the Content Builder cannot be used to edit your pre-existing posts. This is necessary in order to ensure compatibility and avoid conflicts.

This is perfectly understandable to me, as the primary purpose of Thrive’s products is conversions and speed. Its unique coding structure cannot edit or overwrite different scripts.

The good news is that it doesn’t mean you’d have to have a brand new website! You can create and edit any news posts/pages on your existing site.

How Much Does Thrive Content Builder Cost?
Content Builder + Landing Pages + Thrive Lightbox, 3 products in 1 single plugin will cost you $67 for single licence (one-off), $97 for 5 licence pack (one-off) or $147 for 15 licence pack (one-off).

You can upgrade to receive more licences at a later date by paying the difference.

The prices include the first full year of 1-on-1 support. Thrive will provide you an extensive knowledge base and library of tutorials. I have made several queries by email for the past few weeks and always get a response within a few hours.

My Thoughts
I think Thrive’s Content Builder plugin package is a bargain. All the essential and exciting elements for marketing such as countdown timer, rating stars, testimonial boxes, price comparison tables…. You would have to install at least 10 plugins on WordPress, and a lot of them are only available as paid-plugins.

With the glass-cut clear, slick design and its fast performance, I think it is worth the money. I would suggest that you buy a single-user plugin for $67, and upgrade it to 5 or 15 licence pack if you own multiple sites.