How to make a BLOG on WORDPRESS with AdSense 2016

In this video tutorial I take you through how to set up a blog using WordPress. Check out the blog you’ll be making here:

A blog is great way to build a presence online and start making some money with Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Get hosting: – Discount code: EAGLEPENNY
Get the theme:

Quick links to chapters:

Setting up your hosting: 04:15
Repointing your domain (for people who already have a domain name): 12:30
Installing WordPress: 13:22
Changing your WordPress password: 15:31
Downloading your WordPress Theme: 16:22
Installing your theme: 20:11
Importing the demo content: 21:52
Homepage options: 22:47
General site settings: 25:00
Customising the header including adding your logo: 27:11
Adding Google AdSense: 30:07
Sidebar Settings: 31:32
Customising the Footer: 32:31
Configuring the featured blog posts area: 34:39
Single blog post layout options: 37:25
Blog categories layout settings: 41:13
Page layout settings: 41:37
Setting your fonts (typography): 41:47
Setting the main colour of the site: 42:14
Social Sharing settings: 42:37
Changing the Social Media links: 42:54
Custom CSS: 43:57
Working with your blog post: 44:24
Editing your pages: 50:12
Changing the main menu navigation: 50:48
Changing the footer widgets (social counters, instagram etc): 53:57
Changing the text etc in the sidebar using Widgets: 57:52

Let me know if you have any questions!

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